Photo of Assly Sayyar, Esq. and Renie Leakakos, Esq.

Legal Services

Business Law

Business law or litigation is an umbrella term for a variety of claims that can be brought or defended against in a court of law, mediation, and/or arbitration. Business litigation generally includes people and companies disputing money, rights, contracts, and other property interests. 

Business Formation

Outside of the courtroom when there is no current dispute, people and entities are frequently best served to have an attorney represent their interest when entering into a deal or contract of any kind or opening a new business. The backbone of law is the contract.

Succession Planning

A lawyer is an invaluable partner in preparing for your financial future. If you don’t take the time to plan for the future of your business, upon disagreement with your partners or co-owners as to the future of your business, or upon your death, retirement, disability, or incapacity the law will plan for you.

Civil Litigation & Collection

When all other avenues fail, Sayyar Law can bring her skills as a trial attorney to bear in your case to either prosecute your claims or defend you against claims in the areas of business and real estate. With Assly Sayyar working on your lawsuit, you will have an advocate who knows the court system and will walk you through the process from complaint to trial.