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Business Law

Business law or litigation is an umbrella term for a variety of claims that can be brought or defended against in a court of law, mediation, and/or in arbitration. Business litigation generally includes people and companies disputing money, rights, contracts, and other property interests. In a dispute with your business partner? Believe an employee or independent contractor has harmed your business in any manner? Owed money for services rendered or dispute a debt owed? Have a judgment against someone but don’t know how to be paid for it? Being sued for allegations of wrongdoing, fraud, or breach of contract? These are just some of the business and contractual legal disputes that fall under the scope of business, commercial, and contract litigation. Sayyar Law provides both legal defense and legal pursuit of business and contract claims in the following areas:

"Sayyar Law provides both legal defense and legal pursuit of business and contract claims."

  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud
  • Intentional or negligent misrepresentation
  • Intentional interference with contract
  • Injunctive relief and writs of attachment
  • Defamation and/or business disparagement
  • Trade secret violations
  • Unfair competition and Deceptive trade practices
  • Statutory violations related to Business, Securities, and Commercial Codes
  • Negligence and negligence per se
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of corporate, company, and other business entity duties and obligations
  • Breach of non-competition agreements

  • Breach of operating agreements and bylaws
  • Breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing
  • Misappropriation of money
  • Conversion and trespass to chattels
  • Injuries to personal or real property and business reputation
  • Post-judgment collection discovery and litigation
  • Fraudulent Transfer/Conveyance/Concealment Actions
  • Civil Conspiracy and Intentional Interference with Business
  • Collection of debts, judgments, and monies owed
  • Post-judgment garnishment and levy and judgment debtor exams

Business law and litigation frequently overlap other legal areas such as real estate.  The firm also has years of experience litigating these cross-over issues when they arise for our business clients, from lease disputes and property development disputes to more complex title issues.