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Civil Litigation & Collection

When all other avenues fail, Assly Sayyar can bring her skills as a trial attorney to bear in your case to either prosecute your claims or defend you against claims in the areas of business and real estate.

With Assly Sayyar working on your lawsuit you will have an advocate who knows the court system and will walk you through the process from complaint to trial.

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If there are obstacles and downsides to a choice or a situation in a lawsuit, they will be discussed openly and frankly, so you are prepared for both your “best day” as well as your “worst outcome,” prior to making litigation decisions. Assly Sayyar practices preventative law, but when prevention isn’t possible, she will work with you to seek a speedy resolution in court, and to the extent legally possible, the fulfillment of your goals.

Once a judgment has been entered, the next phase of litigation is collection. Assly Sayyar can assist you in collection efforts or "post-judgment litigation." Wage garnishments, bank levies, till taps, judgment liens, post-judgment discovery, and judgment debtor examinations are just some of the methods that can be used to seek satisfaction on a judgment. Judgments also need to be renewed or domesticated in "sister" states. Whether you are attempting to collect on a judgment in Nevada or California, Assly Sayyar stands ready to assist.